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Releases: [BRN021LP] Rebeka - Hellada 2xLP


Rebeka’s “Hellada” is finally out and looks more beautiful then ever! Pressed on two white-colored vinyls and decorated with elegant artwork, the double LP version contains also three bonus tracks.

Full tracklist:

01. Sisters
02. Knife in Heart
03. Melancholia
04. Stars
05. Fail
06. War
07. With Tears We Cry
08. Nothing to Give
09. 555
10. Unconscious
11. 556
12. Hellada
13. Roksana (b.szczesny remix)
14. Techno China
15. Diamonds (Lieke remix)  

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Releases: [BRN025] We Draw A - Glimpse + Whirls CD

Two EPs by our fellow Wrocław-based duo We Draw A come out as a full CD. Both Glimpse and Whirls, as different as they are, seem to create the unique, moody and sensible sound that seamlessly adapts to both dancefloor and lounge. 

The release comes out with two remixes by Michał Kupicz and Lazy Ligers. 

We’re also really happy to inform you that we’ve finally launched our official Brennnessel Store, where you can purchase We Draw A’s lovely designed CD. Besides you pick up some new vinyls by Kamp! (“Baltimore” and “A New Leaf”) and get your CD copy of Rebeka's debut album “Hellada”. 

Take care! 

Releases: [BRN028] Rebeka - Unconscious SP


It’s been a while since Rebeka’s highly praised debut album “Hellada" came out. Tonight we’re very pleased to celebrate this release and close the successful "Hellada" chapter, while the band is ready to start working on some new material. 

For their new “Unconscious” SP Iwona and Bartek asked their friends from Twilite, The Dumplings and our fellow future-beat maker Kixnare to deliver three new approaches to the song. While Twilite’s pure acoustic, folk cover version captures the emotions of a perfect summer road trip, The Dumplings vocalist’s Justyna goes deeper into the song’s evocative, longing melody. The melancholy is completed as Kixnare takes on “Unconscious”, reworking it into a blissful “Berlin at dawn” floorfiller.

And it’s not over yet…


Releases: [BRN027] Prince of Livia - Perkal EP


Prince of Livia is Tomek Szpaderski from the electronic trio Kamp! The EP “Perkal” was recorded during Tomek’s vacation time, somewhere between the shows and studio gatherings of his primary band.

"These songs were written in my favourite places, full of carefree summer memories and vast emotions." 

Prince of Livia’s debut is a slow, airy trip of humid synths and sun-kissed atmospheric pop. We’ve no doubt “Perkal” will become a staple for your playlists throughout the summer months and beyond. 

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Artists: Prince of Livia


After his primary band Kamp!, Prince of Livia is Tomek Szpaderski’s second outlet for his deeply personal, dreamy songwriting. Built on layers of synth noise, reverb-laden beats and buried pop melodies, Prince of Livia gets the mid-fi bedroom sound, that’s both sunny and nocturnal. 
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Releases: [BRN026] Kamp! - A New Leaf SP


After a successful debut LP, tons of shows and studio meetings the polish trio is ready to reveal their new songs. “A New Leaf” is the first from a series of new tracks by Kamp!, that will come out throughout the next couple of weeks. It was recorded during Kamp!’s summer recording session in Red Bull Studios in Madrid. ”A New Leaf” is somehow unique within these fresh tracks since it’s the most similar to some parts of their debut album. However the instrumental B-side “Satansbraten” may signalize some upcoming surprises to its listeners. Yet again Kamp! brings you their own sounds of summer. Vacation is fast approaching! 

You can grab you digital copy on ITunes (7” is coming soon): 


News: Kamp! - A New Leaf (video)

A video to “A New Leaf” has been created couple o weeks ago. It was directed by one of the best polish young photographers - Sonia Szóstak. She has also created an official cover of the single but its concept has changed rapidly at the last minute. Because of the retraction of a consent to show a face of a person who acts in the video the band has been forced to cover it up and finally is releasing a censored version.

"We were convinced that the concept of showing an esthetically pleasing, subtle woman’s sexuality which is a contradiction to a modern, music video "soft-porn" is something natural and will not raise any controversies. Our goal was not to shock but we admit that we have taken our inspiration from the site Beautiful Agony that has for a long time been fascinating to us as a sociological phenomenon. Sonia has filmed a beautiful video but unfortunately we cannot show it to You.”